Neuwo: Redefining Contextual Targeting for Advertisers in the
Post-Cookie Landscape

Step into the Future of Advertising with Neuwo’s AI-Powered Contextual Precision.

Step into the Future of Advertising with Neuwo’s AI-Powered Contextual Precision

The advertising game is evolving, and so are we. Say goodbye to the limitations of third-party cookies and hello to Neuwo—the game-changer you’ve been waiting for. Unleash the potential of over 10,000 precisely curated semantic categories with our cutting-edge AI and NLP.

Unlock the Power of Neuwo Contextual Targeting:

Real-Time Precision:

No tracking, no cookies, no IDs
– just instant, on-the-page analysis.

Craft Your Own Categories:

Tailor your targeting with Neuwo AI,
because standard is just the beginning.

Why Neuwo is Your
Competitive Edge

  • Supercomputer Speed: Harness the 3rd fastest computer globally for unparalleled efficiency.
  • Language Independence: Our deep learning AI understands data like the human brain, always staying ahead.
  • 10,000+ Categories: Choose or create—your call.
  • Instant Action: Real-time analysis means you reach your audience when it matters most.

Neuwo Custom Audiences

  • Customize Now: Upload your terms/keywords for tailored segments.
  • Discover New Segments: Our AI grasps the connections between topics, enhancing precision targeting.
  • Real-Time Deployment: Push your custom audiences to SSPs, DSPs, or ad curators instantly—at our standard CPM, no strings attached.

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Neuwo Contextual Audiences and CPMs:

Ready to outsmart the competition? Neuwo is your secret weapon.
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